Robert Powell: Tree Pictures, South-Western Australia

Yate (Eucalyptus cornuta)
Unlike the other tree species depicted on this website, yate does not occur naturally in Perth.  It is found in the far south of Western Australia, from Geographe Bay to east of Esperance, occurring near the coast and further inland, often in river valleys or on other fertile sites.

Its main inland occurrence is between Manjimup and the Porongurup Range, where all but one of the pictures were taken.  Here it attains its maximum development, and also displays an exceptional elegance.  Yate is a decidedly vigorous species, and this too is suggested in the appearance of many of these specimens.

An interesting feature is yate’s readiness to sprout additional stems from its trunk or its lignotuber.  This habit is quite common in many of the smaller eucalypts, such as limestone marlock, but is unusual for a tree species the size of yate.  By this means, yate can readily spread to take advantage of any increase in space that may result from the death or collapse of a neighbouring tree.

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